About us

From the 1st of november 2013 the company name has changed from Cadintel SRL to Cadinter SRL.

S.C. Cadinter S.R.L. is a company with private assets, founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The company is based on a partnership with the German company Intechplan  eng. Paul Thomas Benedek in the field of 3D design and sales.
Our young and dynamic staff, trained according to German requirements, is giving importance to inform the client correctly and to promote the latest and the best materials and technologies in building services.

The company is based on promoting German solutions and quality, used in Germany or in any other EU country.

Our company’s main activity is building services design for 3D Civil engineering and Industrial construction, based on a partnership in 3D design and IT services with the German company Intechplan. Technical solutions and complex projects are achieved by our specialists using Computer Aided Design, whereby errors are reduced to a minimum. In our company we give a great importance to project management, what represents a modern and better administration. Project management 

Project management means the guidance, coordination and control of a project so the following requirements are met:

  • cost efficiency
  • time efficiency
  • having the highest level of quality.

The collective who are implementing the projects are working to meet the demands of each project. The project organisation and execution is made so that the result can reach the highest level of requirements and standards, in content and representation.